If ever there has been a mountain continuously under attack, it is the Mountain of Family.  Since the first family in Genesis the family, as ordained by God, has been a relentless target of the enemy.  The fight to safeguard God’s intention for the family is an unyielding battle.  The world continues the attempt to restructure God’s objective for the family directive, of being fruitful and multiplying, by reducing it to one where bearing fruit is impossible. 


At the very core of any culture is its prioritizing of the family.  The Mountain of Family is therefore the most important.  Its influence must be regained and respected before it can be returned to its divine purpose.  Today’s society is suffering because of its failure to secure the biblical principles of God’s original desire and therefore emotional trauma is the result of the dysfunctional family foundation.  


With the most important element of the family structure missing, the father, the entire concept of family has become idealistic versus realistic.  In the absence of the father, the presence of rejection, abandonment and low self-esteem has debilitated homes, communities, cities, and churches.  Beginning with the first family, God knew the family structure would always be a target for the enemy with his hope of placing his victory flag.  However, God also knew the power of family when His principles and ordinances are the substance. 


When within a family, one can find love, acceptance, and affirmation, the family structure is fortified.  The family is the heartbeat of God.  In using the Mountain of Family, we are enlightened, equipped and educated on how to return God’s design of family to be a positive force in the forefront of society.


God wants to give strategies and visions that will marry churches, and other social and governmental agencies in creating resources & provisions that build and maintain healthy families.




Youth Ministry (Y-C.R.E.W.)

Children Ministries (Hearts of The Ship & Shoreline)

Women’s Ministry (Rarefied Women)

Men’s Ministry (The Kings’ Men)


Married Ministry (Harmos)

Fitness & Nutrition (Ship Shape)


Mountain Leader

Pastor CeCe and Elder Lawrence McCoo