Any governing agency operating outside of theocratic influence is not capable of advancing the Kingdom Agenda. It is this mountain that will influence change in governmental matters by having undeviating impact in culture/society.


The Mountain of Government includes all governing political institutions including the multi-levels of local, county, city, state and federal operations that rule the. The Mountain of Government provides rules, regulations and power over its citizens. As Kingdom Citizens, it is our responsibility, and it was of divine design, to infiltrate the current systems of government especially in policy and law making. Without the influence of Kingdom Citizens, the Kingdom Agenda for the earth will not take its rightful place.


The King is the governing power and He had directed His kings to operate, govern, rule and have dominion in the earth, as it is in heaven.  No man made or mandated ‘kingdom’ or governing power (democracy, feudalism, dictatorship, communism, or socialism) adheres to the guiding principles of theocracy. The very basic of these principles are outlined in The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17).  This first set of laws was given to mankind to promote peace amongst the citizens.  To be free, people must choose, of their own free will, to live their lives according to the Ten Commandments of God, whether in their private lives or while serving the people in the halls of government. The Ten Commandments provides mankind with fundamental moral guidance for the formation of positive and spiritually rooted personal, family and community living.


According to Paul, government is “ordained by God” (Romans 13:2) to promote justice, restrain evil, and protect the people under its care (Romans 13:3-4). The Ten Commandments outlines moral duties in a minimal and most general form. They are aimed at setting boundaries which, when trespassed, can damage the family structure and community living.


Whereas the Kingdom Government is established through service and humility, Satan’s government is established through manipulation and pride. Lucifer sits at the top of this mountain, where he specifically functions to stir and raise up whatever would defeat the purposes of God on earth. The ungodly spirits that are ruling in the Mountain of Government are the Girgashites (Duet 7:1&2) and it is our job to unseat him and them, taking back the power and authority given to us by God himself.




Administration (Yeoman)

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Facilities & Maintenance (All Hands)

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Mountain Leader

Pastor CeCe McCoo