Kindgom Women

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Prayer For Women


Almighty God,


Your love and care for us is not limited to our health and relationships. You deeply care about our finances. Lord, help me as your daughter in the area of my finances.  I pray that you would lead me along the path to a debt-free lifestyle. I pray that I will catch the vision and get motivated to achieve financial freedom.


Lord, I pray for a salary that is sufficient for me and my responsibilities. I pray that you would show me how to bring my finances into a healthy place. I pray for future favor for new benefits and raises through my employment and other resources as you see fit.


I pray for inspiration in the area of finances. Lord, I pray that you would renew my mind so that I am willing and ready to manage my money the way you want my money managed.


Lord, teach me how to earn extra income and how to be thrifty with the money I have. Help me to hear your voice on what to buy and what not to buy during this season. Help me to become firm in the area of financial self-control.


You tell us there is power in your Word. Thank you for drawing me toward passages in your Word about finances. Remind me to read those money scriptures out loud regularly.


Thank you for opening up the floodgates of opportunities and abundance. By faith, I believe that you are working to get me and mine out of debt and into financial blessing.


Lord, I ask that you would use every part of this financial prayer to greatly bless me as I am seeking your help this day.


In Jesus' Name I Pray, Amen!