True Fellowship M. B. Church (The Ship) was launched and organized on February 24, 1992, by Rev. L. D. Tate with 40 charter members.  It first opened its doors at 214 Broadway in Venice, IL on December 20, 1992, with much support from other churches.  Rev. Tate’s ministry continued to expand and included a regular radio broadcast.  Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Rev. Tate shared his vision for a new location with the church.  In March 1995, his vision was fulfilled when what was affectionately called ‘The Ship’ sailed and docked at our current location at 1641 Third Street, Madison, IL.  In addition to the worship building, the church acquired, and renovated, a parsonage as well as additional properties and equipment including a parking lot.


Under Rev. Tate’s leadership, six ministers faithfully served.  Five years later in March 2000, Rev. Tate and True Fellowship made the final payment on the church and the parsonage and True Fellowship became DEBT FREE!


Again, following the direction of God, Rev. Tate announced he would be leaving True Fellowship and suggested that the church accept Rev. Christopher Malone as our new leader.  The church at large agreed and accepted Rev. Malone, who served in nearly seven years.


Upon the departure of Rev. Malone and following the move of the Holy Spirit, on Sunday, November 25, 2007, we were blessed to receive Elder CeCe McCall as our undershepherd.


Pastor McCall-McCoo is driven by her assignment to make The Ship a holy house of worship fully committed to seeking the loss, the least, and the less as reasonable service to Him without bias, bigotry, and racism.


Additionally, True Fellowship Church will serve as a resource vault for those in need of job skills training, GED programs, drug and alcoholism classes, single parent support, marriage counseling, separation and divorce assistance, food and clothing, and transitional/affordable housing.


Pastor McCall-McCoo often proclaims The Ship is the place where we 'love, laugh, and learn together'. In a unified and harmonic voice, we declare 'there is no ship like True Fellowship!'