• Pastor CeCe McCoo

Unchain My Heart

In this fast paced world of ours, it’s easy, very easy to become enthralled with and by all of the emptiness of nothing. Generally, nothing gets our attention more than anything. Day in and day out, our conversations are mostly filled with nothing. Our professional and personal interests routinely are the basis of… guessed it, nothing! How can nothing consume so much of our time, energy and resources when there is so much more within our effortless reach? Let me tell you how. Nothing requires nothing. Nothing doesn’t need a pulse or a heart beat. Nothing doesn’t require rhythm or rhyme. Nothing doesn’t require consideration or communication…… because it is nothing.

There is a silent wickedness of doing nothing. Doing nothing can go mostly undetected by others because nothing rarely criticizes and nothing rarely offends. Nothing is motionless and can mostly be extremely quiet and unassuming. Nothing rarely wonders and neither does it wander. Nothing is wicked because it doesn’t give and it doesn’t get. Nothing is neither persistent or consistent. Nothing just is nothing.

There is a very high price to pay for being nothing. The price tag on being nothing can not be seen by the naked eye because it is hidden beneath its nothingness which is unreachable and definitely not tangible. Nothing will never gain but always expends. Nothing doesn’t wear off and it doesn’t let go. Nothing has created a fence between purpose and destiny. Nothing chants words that echo like, ‘I would but’, ‘I want to but’, ‘I was about to but’. It far past time for nothing to be silenced.

Today, I’m asking God to unchain my heart from the nothingness the world so readily present. Father, please unchain my heart!

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