God never gave man religion and neither did He intend for man to embrace religion.  His desire and purpose was for man to partner in an intimate relationship with Him as our Creator.  The Mountain of Religion advances the Kingdom of God by sharing His love through His word and by magnifying His works through the use of education, inspiration, impartation and the activation of this mountain.


Historically, the Mountain of Religion has been the only mountain wonted in the body of Christ.  It alone has carried the burden of representing and or re-presenting the Kingdom culture in the earth.  With it being the only area of familiarity, we have been systematically and generationally taught to only pursue climbing the heights of its peaks while fighting to resist its valleys.  God’s vision for His Kingdom does not rest solely on the shoulders of one mountain.  There are six other mountains of influence that must also be conquered.  Salvation is merely the beginning of the climb in a relationship with God, it is not the peak. 


The bride-of-Christ has to go beyond beckoning (evangelism) people to come to her, but must now teach (discipleship) and equip those persons to use their divinely imparted skills, talents and gifts to advance the Kingdom of God.  Kingdom Citizens must be developed and then deployed to become influential in their personal Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and uttermost (Acts 1:8).  The Kingdom’s reign begins in the neighborhood and then onto the nations. 


God has awakened His church and commanded and commissioned her to subdue, rule and have dominion over the earth (Genesis 1:26, 28).  When Jesus commissioned the disciples he told them to disciple nations (Matt. 28:18-20). It is time for the body of Christ to position itself to fulfill the entire commission.




Stewards (Treasure Chest)

Greeters (Helping Hands)

Deacons (Sailing Servants)

Mothers (Anchors)

Intercessors (Launched)

Helps (In the Galley)

Feeding the Homeless (Ship Serve)

Giving to Veterans (Ship Share)

Missions (Ship Care)

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Mountain Leader
Pastor CeCe McCoo